Sub Sea Electric Power Transmission Techniques from DC to AC
Posted: 09, 08 , 2016

  In the past decade, the significant improvements in high speed, high voltage transistor technology enabled the design of more sophisticated sub sea electrical power transmission systems. This is the case of the power-electronics-based single wire DC and high-frequency AC transmission systems that appeared as alternatives to the traditional three phase transmission systems. Although such… Read more »

Engineering Collaboration, Transforming Your Business
Posted: 12, 07 , 2016

  Collaboration is a core principal of our business philosophy. To facilitate the process, save time and eliminate errors we adopt intelligent technology that allows us to design in real time. Our chosen technology allows us to collaborate with our customers and external team by connecting mechanical and electrical engineering design teams, allowing us to… Read more »

Regulating energy reserves; a performance assessment
Posted: 29, 06 , 2016

  Michael Wrinch and Mark Phillips-Dubois both of Hedgehog, co-authored a recently published technical report for the National Research Council of Canada and the Alberta Electric System Operator. This report presented findings from their study of the regulating reserves in Alberta.  The objective was to assess the potential for fast-acting energy storage such as batteries,… Read more »

Safety systems ensure reliable operation when you need it most
Posted: 17, 06 , 2016

  Recently the Hedgehog Technologies team participated in a functional safety design course using  standards IEC61508/ISO13849. This investment into safety reinforces our focus of delivering high value electrical solutions for our customers and partners while avoiding  risk. Functional safety training for electrical engineers elevates project and service delivery because high-value solutions are only so if… Read more »

Solar Power in the News
Posted: 25, 05 , 2016

  Solar power is contributing to the world’s energy needs.  Our electrical engineering projects utilizing solar power, from planning, design and implementation in remote communities to large scale feasibility studies in international markets gives us a unique perspective. Renewable energy systems, done right,  can transform communities, industry and the lives of individuals. Here are a… Read more »