Hedgehog CNG project

Safety-first electrical solution for explosive CNG on remote supply route
Posted: 04, 05 , 2016

  In 2014,   the Hedgehog Technologies team completed  an  Oil & Gas electrical engineering  project  that would provide energy options for remote mining operations in  Western Australia. With safety-first a priority, we  designed and implemented  electrical instrumentation for a highly explosive compressed natural gas fill station.   Photo: Oil & Gas Electrical Engineering: Hedgehog Case… Read more »

Engineering Oversight: Are You Responsible?
Posted: 19, 04 , 2016

In the March / April  edition of Innovation, APEGBC’s official magazine, association President and  Hedgehog Principal,  Michael Wrinch  offers his thoughts on oversight in the engineering professions. “Offshoring and outsourcing of professional engineering and geoscience services are common in BC and Canada. Complex collaborations between companies with limited legal or financial liability for each other’s… Read more »

Hedgehog Solar

Microgrids can be more
Posted: 13, 04 , 2016

Microgrids provide resilient power for communities and corporations. Microgrids are  small scale power grids  operating independently or in conjunction with an area’s main  power system. They can reduce energy costs, enhance reliability and can incorporate sustainable renewable power.    We spotted this article from Energy Manager Today on microgrids and how they need  support the… Read more »

Amusement park ride with rails

Amusement Park rides engineered for safety. And thrills.
Posted: 07, 04 , 2016

  Our client, an international developer of amusement parks, has contracted with us, Hedgehog Technologies, to support the creative concept of a new ride design with  necessary electrical systems engineered to the highest safety standards. The project:  To design and supply the Ride Control System and Energy System in our client’s new theme park ride…. Read more »

Mark Dubois-Phillips

Mark Dubois-Phillips joins Hedgehog
Posted: 08, 03 , 2016

Hedgehog Technologies delivers innovative electrical engineering solutions for customers all over the world. We’re in the business of helping your business grow. From feasibility studies and engineering design to systems integration and project management; our experienced team of professionals is here to help. We are pleased to announce the addition of Mark Dubois-Phillips to our… Read more »